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As we had told you before, Swiss ETA movement include: Swiss ETA 2836, Swiss ETA 2892, Swiss ETA 2824, Swiss ETA 7750, Swiss ETA 6947, Swiss ETA 3135, these are normal ETA movements, they are different movement with different functions, but all 25-30 jewery, and these movement are very smooth when you set time and date, and when you shake the watch, you can hear very small voice, now, let us tell you what watches they used in.

Swiss ETA 2836 is 25 jewery movement just with date function, they are usual set in Rolex Day-Just, Submariner, Sea Dweller, Yatch Master, this movement just set with Date but not week mark and chronograph function, there is Swiss ETA 2836-2 movement which is the advancer of ETA 2836 with date and week almost set in Rolex Day-date.

Swiss ETA 2824 is 25 jewery movement too, which smaller thickness than Eta 2836, they usual set in Omega, Patek Philippe series with date and week.

Swiss ETA 7750 is a chronograph movement, they usual set in Rolex Daytona, Breitling chronograph watch, tag heuer and omega chronograph, they are 28,8000 BPH winding movement. But now, swiss eta 7750 was stop produce again, all swiss eta 7750 was instead by asian valjous 7750, this is the best movement for automatic chrono watches now.

With this information, you should very clean which movement set in which watches model, according to this, you will never scam by replicas sellers.

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Jay Plum likes+1 at 2015/9/30 8:59:20

can you share the detail of clone swiss eta 3135 movement with us? thanks.


Stoney likes+1 at 2015/9/30 9:00:26

Clone eta 3135 movement is based on swiss eta 2836, in fact, it is swiss eta 2836-2 movement, but all parts improved, so it looks like Rolex submariner 3135 movement.


Rayment likes+1 at 2015/10/24 10:31:53

Do you have Swiss 3156 movement replica Rolex watches? if yes, can you tell me is it real or fake 3156 movement? Thanks.


Stoney likes+1 at 2015/10/24 10:33:18

Hello Rayment, Yes, we have 3156 movement replica rolex, it is the series of Rolex day date, this 3156 is clone movement, based on eta 2836-2, 31 jewelry, 28800bph.


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