Swiss ETA 2836 movement, Swiss Replica Rolex watches

Swiss ETA 2836, 2836-2 it is very normal set in quality rolex replica watches as rolex date-just, rolex submariner, Rolex an automatic watch movement with 25 jewery manufactured by ETA SA, a subsidiary of the Swatch Group, the giant Swiss watchmaker. The price arange is $250-$650 usd.
The 2836-2 has a day-date function added on the 3 oclock position. Being automatic, the watch has no battery, and self-winding by the movement of your wrist. It has about 40hrs power reserve under full wind. The 2836-2 is also adopted by famous watch brands such as TAG Heuer and Oris, we also call it Swiss replica Rolex.

ETA 2836 is thicker than 2824 movement, so no thin watches use 2836, they are not same size, all thin watches said it is 2836 is fake.

The sharp of eta 2836 is:
 swiss-eta-2836-2-for-rolex Swiss-eta-2836-movement

ETA 2836 almost set it rolex replica watches, with swiss ETA 2836 is swiss grade replica rolex, they are perfect as original models, but not better than 3135, the power reserved of 3135 is more than 48 hours, but 2836 is about 28 hours.

When ETA 2836 set it replica rolex watches, it becomes the best rolex replica which is more better than original models but not just the price.

How to spot it is real ETA 2836 replica rolex? first, shake the watch, if the voice is small, and the second hand will no stop for a while, then we can say it is 90% of real Eta 2836, after turn out the screw at 3 oclock and try to set the time and date, if this moves very smooth, then the watch is real swiss eta 2836 Rolex.

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Lowei likes+1 at 2015/10/16 8:06:57

Does all Rolex with swiss eta 2836-2 movement? I am going for a Rolex Daytona Swiss replica, can you tell me more about this? Thanks.


Stoney likes+1 at 2015/10/16 8:09:16

Hello Lowei, Rolex daytona swiss replica is not swiss eta 2836-2 movement, it is swiss valuoux 7750 movement, and it is the only Swiss made movement for automatic chronograph watches, this 7750 movement works 100% same as genuine, many other brands as Breitling, Tag Heuer are go with this 7750 Swiss movement too.


Villy Cend likes+1 at 2015/10/19 21:06:04

Can you tell me how to spot Asian copy eta movement and genuine Swiss made ETA 2836-2 movement? thansk very much.


Stoney likes+1 at 2015/10/19 21:08:32

Hello Villy, The most easy way is check when the date jump, if it jumps long before or after 12 o'clock, that is fake eta movement, Swiss genuine eta 2836-2 movement will jump the date at near 12 o'clock.


Frank likes+1 at 2015/10/24 9:57:39

by the way, do you have a rolex with swiss eta 3135 movement?


Stoney likes+1 at 2015/10/24 9:59:19

Hello Frank, yes, we have it, but it is the clone movement based on Swiss eta 2836-2 movement, this replica Rolex is 1:1 to original model, have sea-dweller and submariner in stock, please check this:


Ирина Викторовна likes+1 at 2016/5/15 20:17:58

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