Swiss ETA 2824 movement, ETA 2824 watches

ETA 2824, ETA 2824-2 mostly set in Omega, Patek philippe replica watches, this kind of replica is the best in replica history, move very smooth.

ETA2824-2 of the movement can be divided into four grades, rough, processing, TOP, and the Hong Kong Observatory. The rough grade movement, also known as the movement of red meat, is unmodified basis of the movement, but the color is the color of copper alloy, close to the rose gold. With the rhodium plated with nickel, processing, plus all kinds of corrugated polish colors become silver.

One workhorse of the ETA mechanical line is the ETA 2824-2, The 2824 is an automatic winding, twenty-five (25) jewel movement, available in four executions or grades: Standard, Elaborated (improved), Top and Chronometer.[4] The key components which differ at the line of demarcation between Elaborated and Top are the barrel spring, shock protection system, pallet stones, balance wheel & hairspring and the regulator mechanism. In contrast, since the addition of the -2 at the end of the movement number, there has been no difference between the standard and the chronometer grades in terms of the regulator mechanism, both being Etachron. To illustrate the differences in accuracy garnered by the successive grades, consider the following specifications:

    the Standard grade is adjusted in two positions with an average rate of +/-12 seconds/day, with a maximum daily variation of +/-30 seconds/day;
    the Elaborated grade is adjusted in three positions with an average rate of +/-7 seconds/day, with a maximum daily variation of +/-30 seconds/day;
    while the Top grade is adjusted in five positions with an average rate of +/-4 seconds/day, with a maximum daily variation of +/-10 seconds/day.

The Chronometer grade must meet strict standards prescribed by the COSC. Chronometer grade movements are serial numbered, as that is a requirement of the certification authority. Moreover, it should be noted that the degree of decoration on the movements parts, generally only an aesthetic improvement, increases as well with the grade.

ETA 2824 almost set in the replica watches with week and date mark, it is one of the swiss famous movements.


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John Smiit give us feedback at 2015/9/30 8:40:55

I saw there is some replica sellers told me their Rolex is swiss eta 2824 movement, is it true? can you let me know which brand replica are using swiss eta 2824 movement?


Stoney likes+1 at 2015/9/30 8:43:33

Hello John Smiit, No replica rolex with swiss eta 2824 movement, the mainly movement for replica Rolex is swiss eta 2836-2 and valjoux 7750.


Best Jone likes+1 at 2015/9/30 8:56:09

that is right, eta 2824 is in Thinner watches as omega, but not Rolex.


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