Self-winding Movement Watches, Set Power Reserve For automatic watch.

There are two kinds of automatic moveent: Auto-winding automatic movement, Self-winding automatic movement.

we all know auto-winding movement, when we shake it or wind it, it will full in power reserve, then the watch can start working, but now, we talking about self-winding movement, because so many people don’t know how to use it.

We saw some automatic movement without tuo, when you shake or wind the watch, you cannot feel anything runs and you cannot hear any voice, but the watch works without quartz, this is self-winding watch.

Most of self-winding movement are used in Panerai replica, check this photo:

This movement is very popular today, because it will never come out any noise for you, and works very fine, but you need to wear the watch every day.

here two photos tell you how to set power reserve for this watch:

1. Turn out the screw which cover the button at 3 oclock.

2. donot put out the button, just turn the button to the direction of 12 oclock for times, then you will feel it is coming harder and harder to turn it, stop truning, the watch has a big power reserve now.

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