What is the different between replica and real rolex watches.

Replica-The copy of original goods, replica watches is the copy of original watches, so they have the same face, color, design.

But what is the different, they are look the same, does it mean they are the same? Quality replica rolex is working 100% the same as original with same functions, but some of the cheap rolex replica, you can see that some of the function is no working, this is the different. Movement is the best important for watches, so if you want to find 1:1 replica, youd bette find a swiss automatic movement replica.

NO, real watches have original birthday Certificate, the series NO. is different with each watch, but replica are all use one series NO., and there is no warranty card of the original company, they just warranty by the company who sale to you, it is not international.

Real rolex are used rolex ETA 3135 movement, this movement is produced by Rolex company, not other people can get it; replica rolex used eta 2836, 2824, some use 2892, this is different, 3135 is 35 Jewery movement, but other movement is 25 j movement, this mean the real rolex has longer life time than replica. and the value is more expensive.

Functions: real rolex will has +-6 seconds a months, but replica rolex with eat movement will take more, about +-20 seconds a months, this is why the price is 10 or more times cheaper.

Material: Real rolex use real gold, but replica rolex use plated gold, this makes the watch has little value.

OK, if you are going to buy replica like other people, you must know this first, hope it will help.

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