Quality Replica Watches Vs Poor Replica Watches

Talking about replica quality, you need to know these movement first: Swiss ETA Automatic, 23J Automatic, Os quartz movement, all other movements are poor movement under 23J.

Replica is an good art, So many people buy replica watches for Interest and research, As and good art, people want the replica watches have best quality, perfect design, but so many informal replica company sell their poor watches as top quality replica, they are breaking the customers interest, it is not a good business member ship.

Here, We ereplicamaker.com tell you how to spot the Quality replica watches and cheap poor replica.

All Quality Replica Watches have smooth second hand, when you set the time and date, you can easy feel it is very smooth, the time and date move smooth too. Cheap replica has a coarse second hand, you will find you need to spend a little force to set the time.

Quality replica watches have smooth face too, every top replica have 100% the same face with original, and cheap replica is coarse face, they are not shine, and may be the second hand, minute hand, hour hand cannot in same line.

The weight of quality replica is 100% the same as original, and cheap replica always lighter than original, because the material is cheap too.

Look back at the movement, Quality replica watches have 100% same function movement with original, all function are working, they are not ostensible, but cheap replica have so many ostensible functions. This is why Quality replica is more expensive than cheap replica.

Sometimes we meet complex watches, for example Rolex Daytona, it is a chronograph watches. Best rolex daytona replica is working chronograph too, but cheap rolex daytona work with week, date, 24 hours instead.

Sure, buy which level replica deponds on how much you Spend, tourbillon best replica can get $1,200 dollars, but fake tourbillon just about 160 dollars

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